Give Your Skills

soxChristmas brings out your giving nature.  The perfect gifts for all the special people in your life.  You might also consider special people who are not a part of your family.  They need special gifts as well.  You talents as a fiber artist can provide much needed gifts to others in need.

Check with your local church, community center, hospital, hospice or volunteer agencies for opportunities to create gifts for those in need such as blankets, mittens, socks or caps.  If you belong to a fiber arts group, you might consider creating one day a week or month for creating gifts for charity.  Grandma’s Spinning Wheel in Arizona does just that.  You can check with their website for more details or ask for ways to organize.

I found two online databases that list organizations that need your help and your fiber arts skills.  Enter what craft you do and you will get a list of organizations that are looking for that skill.

Lions Brand Charity Connection

Knitting for Charities

Below is a short list of organizations that are looking for fiber arts projects.  You’ll find a wide range of charities including babies, homeless, terminally ill children, and victims of violence or natural disasters.  Check out the links.  You don’t need to knit a hundred caps, even two or three will help.  Make the holidays more cheerful for someone in need and create a glow in your heart.


Afghans for Afghans

Newborns in Need

Bundles of Love

Angels for Hope

Binky Patrol

Warm Up America

Cares and Cuddles International 

Heartmade Blessings

Needle Arts Mentoring Program 

Quilts & Kits

Mom’s On Mission  

Threads of Love

Bev’s Country Cottage 

Touching Little Lives

Stitches From The Heart

TLC for Angels

Project Linus

Snug Hugs for Kids

A Butterfly’s Touch

A Hole in My Heart 

Adoption Center of Washington

Afghans, Etc. for Charity    

Afghans for Hospice of Northwest Ohio

AHRC Nassau

Alabama Organ Center

The Maine Mitten Project

Mama’s Health 




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