How Long Can You Store Fleece?

wooly sheepAfter much research, I came up with lots of advice, but no one definitive answer. If stored correctly, you can store fleece for many years.  However, some recommend only storing fleece that has been cleaned. But if that’s not in your near future, here are some must do’s:

  1. Remember that critters such as moths and carpet beetles love animal scents which raw fleece contains its fair share.  You can use cedar chips, lavender or rosemary essential oil dabbed on cotton balls to ward off these pesky pests.
  2. Really greasy or dirty fleece doesn’t keep as long, so be sure to check it at least once a year.  It is oxygen reacting with the grease that causes it to spoil quick, so whatever you store your fleece in, be sure it is air tight or you will wind up with a fuzzy green matted mess.
  3. If your fleece is dirty, keeping it in a cool area can help prolong its life.
  4. Do not use plastic for storage.  A plastic bag is great for your garden as it produces humidity, but terrible for fleece as it will mold.
  5. If you do live in a humid climate, make sure there is good ventilation where you store your fleece.
  6. If you use cloth bags, use a zip tie to secure the bag, then wrap the tie with tape.
  7. Mark all your fleece containers with the type of fleece and date it was sheared.
  8. Rotate your fleece, using the oldest first.

The two most common methods for storage seem to be cloth bags or plastic buckets that have a tight closure.  Think kitty litter buckets.  Or you can use both.

Better yet, get those fleeces out and try out the Duncan Carder or Blending Board.

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