New Laptop Blending Board

laptop bboard w toolsWe have been busy with product development. Due to popular demand, we have created our own laptop blending board.  We’ll have this new board ready for the Abernathy Grange Spring Fiber show in Oregon City on March 15, 2014.  Watch for it soon on the website.

We’ve taken the same great design look of the Original Blending Board, made the board smaller and added new features to this versatile new board.

We’ve added a keel to this board making it easy to use while on your lap.  Our keel is ergonomic so that is rests easily between your legs.  No need to keep your knees squeezed tight.  You can position the keel whether you are right handed or left handed.

The keel screws on easily in one of two positions: in the middle of the board for laptop work or a second, higher position which allows it to rest at an angle on the table.  The board also has rubber feet if you want to lay the board flat on the table making this a truly versatile board.

Come check it out at Harding Grange!


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