To Blend or Not to Blend

osu battYou will hear people talking about blending fibers.  But why blend?  Is it necessary or desirable?

There are many reasons to blend.  Some include:

  1. Blending can make expensive fibers go further, keeping a luxurious feel to the finished yarn.
  2. You will save time by blending fibers to make it easier to spin.
  3. You can improve the strength to your yarn by blending a fragile fiber with a wool. You will get the best features of each type of fiber.
  4. Blending can change the look and feel of the yarn.
  5. You can create special effects in your yarn.

Before you make the decision to blend, ask these questions:

  1. Why do you want to blend the fibers?
  2. What do you want your finished yarn to look like?
  3. What type of yarn do you want, bulky, smooth, etc.
  4. What will the yarn be used for?
  5. Do you want a blend with obvious color differences, or one solid blend?


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