WP_20140111_20_57_00_ProHow do I choose which carder is best for me?

We have three models at Duncan Carders:  the 8” hand crank is for those who only card a small amount of fiber.  It is for those who do not need the power and speed of the motor.   Next up is the 8” motorized machine for those who have a couple of animals they plan to card or for those who are tired of cranking by hand.  Our 16” motorized model is great for those who plan on plenty of carding, particularly those who do production work.  For more details on our carders, go to our Features page.

What is the Fine Fiber Brush?

The Fine Fiber Brush was invented and patented by Richard Duncan in 1982.  This innovative unit continuously combs the fiber throughout the carding process.  It essentially eliminates the need for interchangeable drums or different sized card cloth.  It was originally created for use with finer fibers, but we have found that it works great with all fiber creating a more even and thick batt.  It is attached to all our machines.

Do you offer different sized card cloth?

We did a test many years ago using different sized card cloth on a variety of fibers.  We found that the medium card cloth with our patented fine fiber brush did the best job for all fibers.

Can the hand crank model be motorized?

Yes, our 8” hand crank is set up to be easily motorized at any time.  You would need to ship us your carder or bring it to us.

How do I clean the drums after carding?

We get this question so often that I created a blog post on the subject.   Each drum serves a different purpose and therefore, is treated differently.  Click here to read the article.

 How long does it take to get a carder?

Each carder is custom made, one at a time.  We generally say around a month for production.

How do I order a carder, I don’t see an order page?

We like to chat with our customers to make sure they are getting the carder that will fit their needs.  Therefore, we ask that you either call or email us on our contact page.  That way, you can ask all the questions you might have.  We can take your order during that conversation.

Can I see your carder before I buy?

If you are near Portland, Oregon, you are more than welcome to come visit our shop and check out our machine.  We are always at the Fiber Fair in Hood River in the spring, Black Sheep Gathering in June and Oregon Flock and Fiber in the fall.  Finally, if you let us know your location, we can find a customer who owns one of our carders and set you up with them.

Where can I get parts?

Head to our store.