Fine Fiber Brush

FineFiberBrushWe recommend our patented Fine Fiber Brush for use with all fibers, especially with Mohair, Angora Rabbit, Alpaca and other fine and fluffy fibers.

The brush is mounted just downstream of the transfer region where carding takes place.  The bristles continuously brush, straighten and force napped fibers down into the wires of the carding cylinder, which results in a thicker, heavier web of carded fibers and virtually eliminates buildup of fluffy fibers on the carding drum as well as the input drum.  This action produces maximum batt thickness on the large drum.  The device essentially eliminates the need for interchangeable drums and finer or coarser card cloth.

Fine fibers are slick and tend to just pass through the teeth of the card cloth rather then being grabbed by the teeth and straightened.  Duncan experimented with a  finer card cloth, but found that instead of combing the fine fibers, it sent them over the top of the teeth and thus, not combing much at all.  What he needed was a device that forced the fibers down into the teeth.  The Duncan Fine Fiber Brush was developed in 1982 and patented in 1993.

With all fibers, a thicker and more uniform batt is produced by using the Fine Fiber Brush.  The brush is available for Duncan Carders, as well as Clemes & Clemes, Patrick Green, Mark 5, Ram, Madewell and Ashford.  You can order a Fine Fiber Brush on our store page.