bboard brush set

Blending Board Brush Set


Product Description

These two brushes will help you create your blending board masterpiece.  The blending brush helps you paint on your fiber to help you see what your finished project will look like.  Five inches wide, it has bristles that are stiff enough to settle your fiber down into to teeth of the board.

Once you’re happy with how the fibers lay on your blending board, use the finishing brush to give your masterpiece a combing action.  The brush has teeth like a small hand card, but the teeth are flexible so you won’t damage the backing of the card cloth on your blending board.  A wood handle makes the brush easy to use and sturdy.  The brush can also be used to help get your batt off the board plus it can be used to clean your board to get ready for your next project.

Additional Information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 5 x 7 x 2 in