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The carder arrived and I’ve had the opportunity to use it today.  It is such a marvelous piece of machinery.  Thank you for your quick delivery and a professional transaction!
Evi in Oregon

You have a sterling reputation, your designs have many fine touches, wise choices and thoughtful extras, your designs are executed masterfully, you spoil your customers.
Erica in Washington

I am writing to thank you for making the fiber brush attachment.  Your cleverly designed brush was easy to install and made an immediate difference in the efficiency of my old carter.  Batts now turn out much smoother than before and I am enjoying using the carder again.
Lorraine in California

We have received your drum carder in fine shape mostly by virtue of your fine packing process.  In use, we have found it to do an excellent job of carding and is every bit the machine you claim it to be.  I particularly appreciate the attention to detail in it’s construction.  Your quality motor-gearbox is especially noted as is your precise woodworking.
Allen and Mary in Wisconsin

I have used my new carder quite a bit since July, doing mostly blends – llama, Romney sheepswool, angora and 2 other kids of sheepswool.  I have no complaints, and am extremely impressed with the resulting product, the usefulness of the fine fiber brush and the high quality of craftsmanship of your carder!
Barbara in Washington

It runs like a charm and I have been having such fun experimenting with carding different types of wool as well as color blending and novelty batts.  I am one super satisfied customer.  Thanks so much for building me such a great carder and taking the trouble to ship it to me in Alaska.
Marjorie in Alaska

I have so enjoyed my motorized carder.  The conveyor motor you use is an amazing work horse, tireless and dependable.  I can now produce three to four times what I had been doing with my hand crank carder.  I have found the speed to be perfect, no need for anything slower.  I can really load the drums when I need to.  The Suri batt that I made weighed five ounces.
Cathy in Oregon

I took my Duncan drum carder to an all day carding class at Rhinebeck taught be Abby Franquement. My batts really improved over the day.  It was fun to see all the different carders. Classmates were very impressed with mine. Now that I have more experience with other carders, I am really happy that I was directed to a Duncan when I knew nothing about drum carders. There is nothing about it I would change. I love the looks, ease of use and performance.
Sandy in New York

I bought and sold through 7 drum carders to find the perfect one over the years. I bought a motorized Duncan  5 years ago and I love it. At first I was curious about the motorized bit, but it is such a wrist and arm saver! I must have purchased 10 or more belts for the various other drum carders, most stretching out, and those get pricey and hard to find for some models, but Mr. Duncan uses a belt that seems to last forever, and he is very good about all the quality he puts into his carders. There are many things that are different with this carder, but the main thing I love is the wide access to the shaft axle so you do not need to use tweezers to remove the caught fiber. In fact I never catch fibers there because of the way it is designed in the first place.
Nicki in California