Duncan Blending Boards

Original Blending Board

Back by popular demand!  Richard Duncan first developed a blending board in the bboard white1990’s, which was introduced during a demonstration at Black Sheep Gathering.  It was met with great enthusiasm, but put on the back burner for later production.  Fortunately his patterns survived so that the Duncan Blending Board is once again available.

The Duncan Blending Board is the Buy Now buttonbiggest in its class with 17” x 14” of blending area. The blending cloth is 72tpi, a medium size cloth, great for any type of fiber.   Blending boards are made for the artist in you.  You will have control over producing repeatable patterns using a variety of fibers, glitz, bits of fabric or yarn or perhaps just using up the leftovers from other projects.  Use our blending brush to paint on all your fibers, then use the finishing brush to give it a carding action.  You can remove your finished project as a rolag or a small batt.

Made of 3/4″ cabinet grade birch plywood, this board is made to last.  A carrying handle makes the board easy to transport and easy to hang up for storage.  Metal strips finish the board and cover the staples, keeping fibers from catching.  On the base, you’ll find double rubber feet making it sturdy and stable on most any surface.  You’ll also find metal squares on the face of the board if you feel the need to clamp down the board.

Our blending board comes with a blending brush and finishing brush.

Laptop Blending Board

We’ve taken the same great design look of the Original Blending Board, made thelaptop bboard wtools board smaller and added new features to this versatile board.

Our Laptop Blending Board is made of high quality ¾” birch plywood with metal strips and corners.  The blending area is 17” x 8” with 72tpi medium size card cloth.  A carrying handle makes it easy to transport or hang up.

Buy Now buttonWe’ve added a keel to this board making it easy to use while on your lap.  Our keel is ergonomic so that is rests easily between your legs.  No need to keep your knees squeezed tight.  You can position the keel whether you are right handed or left handed.

The keel screws on easily in one of two positions: in the middle of the board for laptop work or a second, higher position which allows it to rest at an angle on the table.  The board also has rubber feet if you want to lay the board flat on the table making this a truly versatile board.

Our blending board comes with a blending brush and finishing brush.  Use the blending brush to paint on your fibers and then use the finishing brush to give it a carding action.